Hotline Miami PlayStation Launch Trailer

After seeing all the amazing fan art and videos created by the Hotline Miami community, Dennaton Games and Devolver Digital want to put together a launch trailer for Hotline Miami on PlayStation with the help of the fans!

So here’s how you can help: setup a camera at the end of a long, moody hallway (see below) and find your self an animal mask and your melee weapon of choice - like a bat, crowbar, etc. Then film yourself walking down the hallway menacingly and as you get to the camera take a swing similar to the example below but please, please, please don’t hit your camera and break it. The closer you can keep it composed and framed like the example below, the easier it will be on our super handsome editors! The clip only needs to be 5 to 10 seconds or so as we are going to just use a little bit of it to put together with clips from other folks.


We’ve even put together an example shot below so everyone can better light, frame, and compose the scenes to match and our editors can make something the flows together nicely.


Once you are done email a download link to, tweet it to @DevolverDigital or post it to YouTube and send us a link to it so we can rip it ourselves. We’re taking entires through May 15th so hop on it!

That’s it. Let’s make something awesome.