Bleak Sword

By more8bit, 2019

Dark Fantasy Dioramas

About the Game

Pixel Art

Bleak Sword is a dark fantasy action game tasking players to struggle across compact, cursed diorama battlefields. Through nine tense chapters, heroes must lift the curse of the legendary Bleak Sword by striking down all manner of creatures in every forest, swamp, castle, and dungeon on their journey. Invoke powerful magic, uncover helpful items, and level up your character to upgrade your stats before facing down menacing guardians. Once the curse has been lifted the challenging Arena Mode and thirty unlockable achievements await even the most accomplished warrior.

Bleak Sword is designed to be able to play it easily with elegant controls allowing heroes to roll, parry, attack and counter-attack using basic movements on gamepads and touch controls. Scored by award-winning composer Jim Guthrie with sound by famed designer Joonas Turner.

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Boastful praise

Bleak Sword Does Action Better Than A Mobile Game Should Joshua Rivero for Kotaku
<Bleak Sword> is brilliant: simple and thrilling and kinetic. What a game this is. Christian Donlan for Eurogamer
Bleak Sword’s hardcore gameplay is always a satisfying spectacle, and one of the most deceptively entertaining experiences on Apple Arcade. Jeff Ramos for Polygon